Alpha® Module

Enhanced traceability – Consumables optimization – Production cycle scripting – Connected machines – Flexible production – Remote maintenance



« Alpha® module is more than a machine. It’s a global, portable, solution which enables operators to perform easily complex bevels and other tube end preparation through a friendly digital Human-Machine Interface (HMI). »

Franck VICENTE - General manager - COFIM SYSTEM

Tomorrow’s technology today - the evolution of an organization for the means of production, resulting in the development of a new generation of smart factories.

Demands of the industry are numerous dealing not only with technical (ie machining of all specification of tubes - thickness, material, etc to producing any type of bevel), but also with people (ie competent and motivated personnel, creating a safer work environment).

In that context, our focus was how to bring solutions to organizations whose missions include productivity, safety and comfort.

After a two year comprehensive development program, COFIM have created a digital control system which makes pipe machining accessible to everyone.


  • 100% digital with intuitive Human-Machine Interface complete with a tube and bevel types database
  • Compatible with all brands of machinery used for cutting, bevelling, boring, surfacing
  • Operational to machine all kinds of tubes: thickness and material
  • Records performed works
  • Unique user profiles can be created to allow for differing levels of knowledge/experience: ie operator, welding engineer, machining expert etc
  • Enhanced management of ISO standards consumables.