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Prepare welding more effectively with COFIM bevelling machines type TU 2-3-5-6-12-14 equipped with form-tools or with the Alpha® Module for an electronic machining.

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Cutting, bevelling and counterboring a pipe with the cold cutting split frame CTO and CTNO serie. The best, confortable and safety solution.

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To machine thin-wall pipes quickly, precisely, without leaving mark or burr with portable COFIM SYSTEM facing machines type DE & TUDC.

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Flange facing

Flange facing with inside or outside clamping with COFIM SYSTEM CTO-FF & TU-FF machines, enable mechanical or digital stroke with the Alpha® Module.

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Special machine

Meeting specific needs of national and international customers is the mission of the COFIM SYSTEM R&D department engineers, who have developed and assembled over a hundred special machines so far.

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