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Since 1986, COFIM SYSTEM favours innovative technical solutions, from design to manufacturing. Specializing in cold machining of tubes and pipes, the company has created a complete range of machines dedicated to cutting and bevelling for various sectors of industry. COFIM SYSTEM has an Engineering Department with recognised experts in mechanical and Mechatronics, and manufacturing of special CNC machines tools allowing us to propose solutions based on standard hardware, but also with the capability to develop machines whose innovative design meets the specific requirements of our customers.

Years of experience


Years of experience

Machines delivered

3 000

Machines delivered

Special machines manufactured


Special machines manufactured

Country covered


Country covered

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Cofim product range


Cutting, bevelling and counterboring a pipe with the cold cutting split frame CTO and CTNO serie. The best, confortable and safety solution.


Prepare welding more effectively with COFIM bevelling machines type TU 2-3-5-6-12-14 equipped with form-tools or with the Alpha® Module for an electronic machining.


To machine thin-wall pipes quickly, precisely, without leaving mark or burr with portable COFIM SYSTEM facing machines type DE & TUDC.

Flange facing

Flange facing with inside or outside clamping with COFIM SYSTEM CTO-FF & TU-FF machines, enable mechanical or digital stroke with the Alpha® Module.

Special machine

Meeting specific needs of national and international customers is the mission of the COFIM SYSTEM R&D department engineers, who have developed and assembled over a hundred special machines so far.


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With the alpha module ® solution we brake the limit. We works like a lathe, with single point system driven by electric motors. Step by step process with high speed rotation makes the machines ligther and versatile. We machine 45 mm with a standard TU6 and 110 mm with a CTO1200 but the drive was hydraulic. Every WT and material are now possible with Cofim machines.

All machining axis can be driven through a digital screen, control box and video camera. In case of high radioactivity, certain electronic device can’t work on this area, Cofim SYSTEM use different kind of drive able to resist to this aggressive environment.

Cofim SYSTEM offers 2 solutions :

- In case of standard equipment : the pipe beveling or cutting machine producers propose dedicated tool bits for the bevel form. You need to change the tool bits each time you change the form.

- With the innovative solution Alpha module ®, a CNC control program,the bevel form is given by the electronic device which drive the different machining axis to give the final form. With a simple standart carbide insert, Cofim SYSTEM is able to perform all bevel forms without any tool bits change. One carbide insert for all forms. welcome in the mecatronic world !

Cofim machine as an option can be equipped with insert carbide toll holder available on the market. We spend a lot of time and money, we make tests in order to improve new material and try to reduce the cost of the consumable.

Our international network can directly answer to you. We run a quite extensive distributors network around the world. Call the seller in charge of the aftersales service in his country and we will be very pleased to help you.

Like of the most TU or CTO machines, we can build the machine with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or battery drive.

Our customer voices

We use the excellent DE3-25 Cofim machine. Cofim engineer will improve a special machine able to cut and face the pipe quicker. On top the perfect design of this machine makes the job more comfortable with less muscular tiredness.

COOPER STEEL Cie (UK) - Heat exchanger

The Cofim machine TU6 is reliable, robust and look sexy with is French design. It is important for our customers because they buy it for a long period of time. They want the best tool to work properly.

ORBITAL TOOLS (UK) - Supplier of pipe bevelling and prep equipment machine

The Cofim SYSTEM CIE match the request of submarine construction and maintenance through is full range of pipe and cutting standard machine. Our selection is based on technical criteria but also takes into consideration the capacity of the company to provide on a regular basis significant innovation on products use.

NAVAL Group (FR) - Naval industry

The Cofim machine are well dedicated for the rental fleet because of the quality and reliability of production. Machines always provide 100% satisfaction to the users which is a requirement considering the reputation of our company and also it is important for customer loyalty.

BLMR (FR) - Rental welding equipment


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TUBE® - Düsseldorf

We will be on TUBE Düsseldorf, from April the 16th to the 20th with 2 major news :


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2 Nov

FABTECH - Chicago

COFIM will be present on FABTECH Chicago from 6th to 9th November on Polysoude / IGM booth (B19061)...

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