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Since 1986, COFIM industry favours innovative technical solutions, from design to manufacturing. Specializing in cold machining of tubes and pipes, the company has created a complete range of machines dedicated to cutting and bevelling for various sectors of industry.

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An Engineering Department.

COFIM industry has an Engineering Department with recognised experts in mechanical, mechatronics, and manufacturing of special CNC machines tools allowing us to offer solutions based on standard hardware, but also with the capability to develop machines whose innovative design meet the specific requirements of our customers. Strong international service with more than 1,500 references delivered, COFIM industry commits itself as a real partner for its customers.

Alliance of ethics and competence.

Men and Women working together at COFIM industry are not only experts in their field, they also share common values : care, honesty and commitment. This alliance of ethics and competence allows us to develop solutions to meet needs as specific as the dismantling of components of nuclear reactors, nuclear submarine boiler maintenance, cutting of pipes, flexible metal, etc.

Performance technique et bel ouvrage.

When we design our machines we put an emphasis on industrial design, we are looking for the best quality of production, while preserving the aesthetic and the sense of detail. To mark this attention we chose a distinctive sign worn by each machine produced at COFIM industry : an orange element. Alliance of technical performance and creative solutions is a real popular competitive advantage for our clients.

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